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Nordhoff Jr. & Sr. High School
 Xtra  Programs 
New Experiences,  New Opportunities

Enriching XTRA programs for junior and senior high school students in the Ojai Valley that support student interests and skills outside the classroom.   These programs are community led and in partnership with local adults and organizations in order to foster a better and healthier Ojai community for all.*

*Occasional weekend activities 



Founded in 1997, the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation has introduced hundreds of young people to the core values of personal development built on the principles of INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, RESILIENCY, CHARITY, and most importantly FRIENDSHIP.


The Ojai Valley Youth Foundation connects young people to educational programming and mentors to help develop their life skills building self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. 

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Last Spring, the Youth Foundation hosted its annual LEADERSHIP PROGRAM. Students met with the Ojai Chief of Police, visited the Ventura County Humane Society's facility, worked with Ojai's C.R.E.W. on a environmental land restoration project, took a hike above the Ojai Valley and more experiences during the six week program.

The Youth Foundation also participated in Ojai's annual 4th of July parade!  Everyone had so much fun together.

The Youth Foundation along with the Ojai Chamber of Commerce hosted 2 events to support the Ventura County Humane Society.  Many dogs were adopted!!!

Narconon Ojai presented a donation check to the Youth Foundation during Narconon's annual golf tournament.  Narconon's annual support of the Ojai Youth Foundation is greatly appreciated!

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Community Involvement

Executive Director

Jamie Fleming

Kelly Ammerman - Assistant to Exec. Dir.

Executive Board                              

Franci Nelson - President

Suzanne Feldman - Vice President

Erik Wilde - Secretary / Treasurer

Advisory Board

Maurice Chasse

Tom Krause

Nathan Wallace

Youth Foundation Guild

Joan Kemper

Wendy Dio

Cathy Cluff

Mike Guidano

Asunta Fleming

Community Advisors

Dr. Sherrill Knox – Superintendent, OUSD

Jim Halverson - OUSD School Board

Trina Newman - Ojai Police Chief 

Dave Monson – Principal, Nordhoff   

           Junior High and High School                

Lyndon Thomas

Stephen Wagner

Robert Munic

Jayn Walter - Co-Executive Director,
                          Help of Ojai

Barbara Haskins – Board President,
                       Ojai Chamber of Commerce

Fabian Padro - Executive Director,
                             Narconon Ojai

Jody Chapman


Alex Mooney - Creative Director

Connor Schryver – Bookkeeper



Youth Foundation Programs

Leadership Program   

BLINC Program

Car Design (Sean Scott)

Thrive (Tessa MaGill)                                       

Ripples Program - (Margaret Bungard)

Cooking Intro - (chef Sandra Jones),
              (Messermeister Knives)       

Organic Farming - (Cindy Kalmensen)

Marine Robotics & Ocean Exploration

               (Tyler Buckingham)

Auto Mechanics - Ojai Valley Imports 
                                  (JR & Rita Luna)

Improv - (Robert Munic)

Life Skills

Loud School of Rock (Nate Arling)

MLK Day Celebration (Kate Russell)

YES – Youth Employment Service
                                   (Franci Nelson)


Art of Filmmaking (Robert Munic,

                            Josh Gobbell)

College Campus Tours -
                          (Margaret Bungard)

Youth Program Alliances

Casitas Rowing (Wendy Gillett)

Art – Ojai Studio Artists  (Linda Taylor)

Green Valley Youth Program (Tara Fay)

Humane Society  (Steve McCurry)

Ojai Police Department -
             Explorers Program

Ventura Actors Studio (Ojai) (Gina Nemo)

Surfclass (Chip & Kelly Bell)

Chess (Surya)

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