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“I loved the field trips. The museums were so inspiring.  On one trip, the ropes course was terrifying, but I completed it.  I was so proud of myself.”



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The Empowerment Workshop

A Community Program Dedicated to the Empowerment of Youth. Knowledge is Power. Educate. Our objective has remained the same over 15 years: for young people to value themselves and actively in charge of their lives. We facilitate programs year-round, in traditional classrooms and nature.


Leadership Programs

The Leadership Programs provide high school age students from various Ojai schools the chance to improve their leadership skills. Youth from an array of socioeconomic, religious and cultural backgrounds convene to participate in values-based discussions, self-analysis exercises, team building activities, and conversations with leaders in the community. Limited space is available for each year's Fall and Spring Leadership Programs.  

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Robotics gives students the opportunity to delve into the world of mechanical engineering in a fun way building a robotics device to compete against student teams at other regional schools in robotics competitions.   


Thrive Wellness Workshop

Nature-based workshops take place within Ojai Valley, and camping trips are at Channel Islands National Park and Los Padres National Forest. Groups embark on hikes, and engage in a variety of discussion topics like: self-care, anxiety, healthy coping skills, social struggles and shared experiences.



Offered each Fall and Spring, a super fun Improv class is offered taught by a former 2nd City Improv Alumnus from Chicago who is now a successful Hollywood Producer.  The Improv techniques and experience will help to build self-confidence in each student to tackle life's challenges.


Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Celebration

Monday, January 15,  2024 10:00 A.M.


We are so grateful for the awesome job done each year by the youth committee celebrating MLK Jr. Day in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and accomplishments.!  The ceremonies each year take place downtown Ojai in the Fountain Plaza area of Libbey Park beginning at 10:00 A.M. in the morning.  



Each Fall and Spring, Help of Ojai offers an introduction to the basic techniques of cooking.  


YES- Youth Employment Services

We serve as a liaison between employers and youth in Ojai Valley. Local proprietors and residents contact us with requests for long and short employment opportunities, and we connect them with 15-18 year old students seeking experience. Successful placements include but are not limited to: special event help, child care, yard work, home organization project assistance, and computer assistance for small businesses.



Students are given the opportunity to learn the musical art of playing instruments.  

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The VENTURA COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY offers programs and experiences designed for youth to learn about  animals and the basic responsibilities of what it takes to care for them.  Currently, focus is also on helping the Humane Society with Pet Adoption events held in downtown Ojai each Fall and Spring.



RIPPLES is an amazing cultural arts program giving students the opportunity to be exposed to new cultural experiences found in and outside of the local Ojai Valley including field trips to art galleries, museums, botanical gardens and more.

Past RIPPLES participants enjoyed field trips to Da Poetry Lounge and museums in Los Angeles, eating ethnic cuisine, creating art, rock climbing in beautiful Ojai, and sharing and celebrating the diverse cultures in our region and community.



The Media Technology Alliance of the Ojai Valley will be providing through its high tech roster of members mini-seminars on many new technologies that are currently being developed in this fast paced industry.



CASITAS ROWING is an educational program with ongoing community instruction and training of youth in the art of rowing. Their purpose is to promote a lifetime appreciation of fitness, recreation, environmental awareness of issues surrounding Lake Casitas, and in particular, positive and wholesome development of our county’s youth.  If interested, please call 

(805) 642-2288 or email  WENDY@CASITASROWING.ORG



Each Fall and Spring, professionals in the Ojai community offer the opportunity for students to begin learning important "Life Skills" including understanding the use of checking and savings accounts, life insurance, credit cards. and investing.



The Ojai Studio of the VENTURA ACTORS STUDIO offers high-level actor training workshops for TV and Film.  Special focus is placed on preparing for auditions.  

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