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 Nordhoff Jr. & Sr. High School
Xtra Programs
New Experiences,  New Opportunities

LOUD School of Rock Music Program

LOUD Music Program is an international music program, offering high-quality music education to young people.  Students form a group/band, pick a band name, create a logo, rehearse under teacher guidance, record if possible, do small local performances, and end the year with a showcase concert. 

No experience necessary!!  

First class - Friday September 29     2:00


Underwater Exploration  Society (Jr. High Students)

The 'Ojai Underwater Exploration Society' program, led by Tyler Buckingham, introduces students to the cutting-edge field of marine robotics. Focusing on hands-on experience, participants will assemble, maintain, and operate Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), learning the fundamentals of marine engineering and technology. The program extends its scope to real-world applications by conducting ocean exploration activities in the local waters surrounding the Channel Islands National Park and Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary. This immersive experience not only equips students with valuable technical skills but also deepens their understanding of marine ecosystems and environmental stewardship. Get ready to dive deep and uncover the mysteries of the ocean!

Class:  Mondays                            3:30PM        Register For Classes      < Free >

Field Trip: 

   Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

   Saturday November 4

POV Photo.jpeg
POV Photo 2.jpeg


Offered each Fall and Spring, a super fun Improv class is offered taught by a former 2nd City Improv Alumnus from Chicago who is now a successful Hollywood Producer/Director.  The Improv techniques and experience will help to build self-confidence in each student to tackle life's challenges.

Thursday, September 28 at 2:00

Wednesdays  October 18, 25         at  3:30           < Free>  

                Register For Classes 


Designing Your Dream Car

Spend two special sessions each semester with a professional car designer getting a chance to try your creative skills designing your own dream car!

Thurdays  October 19, 26          2:00         Register For Classes      < Free >

Connecting With Horses
With Katrine Nielsen
On The Line Equestrian
650 Burnham Rd.,  Ojai 

Thursdays beginning September 28  -  3:30

No experience necessary

Register For Classes    < FREE >

Horse Program pic.jpg

Students must wear closed toed shoes, long pants or yoga pants made from cotton based or cotton blend materials, and a shirt with sleeves. Any dangly jewelry will need to be removed and long hair will need to be pulled back in a braid or ponytail for safety reasons while working with the horses.  Helmets will be provided.

Students do not have to have boots right away, but should wear a sturdy shoe, no platform soles, no smooth soles (need some grip), and no zippers on the inside of the shoe.


Learn the basics of cooking.  No previous experience required.  Just need the desire to learn how to make food taste good in the kitchen.  Taught by famed local Ojai chef Sandra.

Mondays October 23, 30, November 6, 13    3:30

Register For Classes          < Free>



Come learn how to be a member of the Ojai Day Mandala  team! Learn all about the making of the Ojai Day Mandala with River Sauvageau. We will start with ODM history and making personal mandalas and go on to making group mandalas.


We will explore how to bring meaning to designing, the simple math of enlarging a design and techniques and strategies for the layout of the ODM, the largest piece of public art in Ojai.

First Thursday of the month beginning February 1  2:00 PM       Classroom C-7

Register For Classes          < Free>


Taiko Drumming Workshop

Learn the basics of Taiko drumming and Taiko tradition with seasoned performer and teacher, Gavin Takase-Sanchez. No experience necessary. 

Don’t be afraid to get loud! Japanese Taiko drumming melds its 6th century Japanese origins with influences of modern percussion styles, creating an energetic mix of tradition and innovation. The commanding rhythm of these monolithic drums resonates deeply with people of all walks of life.

6 Thursdays beginning April 11  2:00 PM      

Register For Classes          < Free>



Surfclass Fall 2023 programs for after school

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 4:00-6:00 pm and 

Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 pm. and Fridays from 4:00-6:00

       (till day light savings kicks in).

The cost is $85 per class. This includes wetsuit and surfboard and a ton of fun surfing and learning.


CONTACT:  Surfclass 


Through the Lens
Photography & Filmmaking


Get out in the field.  Undertake photo/video taking challenges using Ojai as your backdrop.  Practice your skills of taking good pictures and videos with local professionals.  No skill level required.  Just the willingness to get better and to learn from getting out to take photos and videos!!

Phone cameras may be used!

November 14   December 12           3:30


Spring 2024 

Have fun while learning by dissecting and critiquing movies as you watch them with Hollywood filmmakers.  


Friday, November 3          2:30 - 4:00  

Students participating will have the opportunity to attend a special session at the Ojai Art Center geared for aspiring young filmmakers to hear film industry professionals talk about their filmmaking experiences.  


        Cultural Arts Discovery


Students have the opportunity to visit museums and centers to deepen their knowledge and familiarity with these amazing institutions. (Fee involved) - 6 Saturdays Trips

Saturday, November 4

Santa Barbara Maritime
      Museum -

Maritime on the Move Program  Exploration of the harbor with  naturalist educators.  Marine science, oceanography, and  environmental education are studied.  Students participate in hands-on indicator species collection and monitoring of pacific mole crabs, along with other interactive activities.  



Saturday, January 27

Ronald Reagan
      Presidential Museum

Chumash Indian Museum


Saturday, March 23

Beatrice Woods Museum

Saturday, April 20

Santa Barbara Art Museum

Santa Barbara Mission


Environmental Programs

Environmental Activism (High School Grades)

Learn the fundamentals and process of environmental activism… making a change for the betterment of the environment 

Dates:  TBD

Repairing our environment

Green Valley Project Organization

Whether it's planting trees, removing invasive species, restoring damaged meadow or forest habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, or creeks for fish and turtles.  Contact: Green Valley Project

Saturdays Beginning September 10

Environmental Majors in college and Career Futures

(High School Grades)

Not sure what to expect in college or a future career in the field of Environmental activism, science, or advocacy?        Spring 2024


Outdoor Education Program

provided by Thrive Wellness

(7th & 8th Grades)

Nature-based workshops take place within Ojai Valley, and camping trips are at Channel Islands National Park and Los Padres National Forest. Groups embark on hikes, and engage in a variety of discussion topics like: self-care, anxiety, healthy coping skills, social struggles and shared experiences.  (Fees Involved)  Go To Website

Saturday, September 9    Sunday, September 10  Sunday - Monday  October 8, 9

Outdoor Ed2.jpeg

Humane Society

Weekly afterschool and weekend experiences are available to work alongside the Humane Society staff members at the Humane Society in Ojai while learning the importance of taking good care of animals.

explorer logo 2.jpeg

Sheriff Department
Explorer Program

Partnering with Ventura County Sheriff Explorer Program: Law Enforcement Exploring is an exciting way for young men and women to explore the dynamic field of law enforcement. As an Explorer, you will have the opportunity to participate in: Traffic Control for Special Events, Station Operations, and Community Outreach Activities

Apply Onlne Here.

Questions: (805) 646-1414


CHESS In Libbey Park
Hosted by Surya

9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
3rd Saturday of every month
except December


"Post Grad" Programs
Life after graduation.

COLLEGE CAMPUS TOURS  (High School Grades)

(Fee Involved)– Tour 15 College Campuses in Southern California - Discover wonderful hidden gems of college opportunities close by Ojai: 


        Fashion Institute

        Otis Art/Design

        Cal Arts


January TBD

Cal State University Channel Islands

Cal State Lutheran

Cal State University Northridge


February TBD


Loyola Marymount

Long Beach State

March TBD


        Azusa Pacific



April TBD


        Santa Barbara City College




Shadow Professional People During Their Day At Work -



Banking, savings, investing and balancing a checking account.
Spring Semester


all Program Begins September 2


Casitas Rowing is an educational program with instruction and training of jr high and high school students in the sport of rowing on Lake Casitas.  Their purpose is to promote a lifetime appreciation of fitness, and environmental awareness and in particular, positive and wholesome development of our Ojai youth.  For more information, contact Wendy Gillett at Casitas Rowing:


Spring Leadership Program  (High School Grades)

Held annually every Spring, Leadership Program students are invited to attend 6 special sessions hosted by organizations located in Ojai.  Students spend time with the organization’s leader and become involved in activities learning about the organization’s mission.  Students get to spend time learning how the organization’s leader defines and accomplishes their goals.   

YF Ropes Course.jpeg

Martin Luther King Jr. Annual Celebration

Monday, January 15,  2024, at 10:00 A.M.


We are so grateful for the awesome job done each year by the youth committee celebrating MLK Jr. Day in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and accomplishments.!  The ceremonies take place at Matilija Auditorium beginning at 10:00 A.M. in the morning.  


“I loved the field trips. The museums were so inspiring.  On one trip, the ropes course was terrifying, but I completed it.  I was so proud of myself.”


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